5 Outdoor Adventure gadgets for post-COVID-19 travel!

The world of post-COVID-19 travel still looks bleak. If you look at the number of COVID-19 deaths in the US, it seems like it has already eclipsed those of the losses in the First World War. And sadly, this is just the beginning, as COVID-19 fatalities sweep across all continents. Now, you could plan a trip to some safer travel destinations in Europe, or maybe you could give it a shot to actually go and explore the outdoors like you never have done before. Outdoor adventure/travel is often overlooked as being something that entails carrying cumbersome survival gear, heavy tent equipment, getting lost in the wilderness, etc. People also might be deterred due to fear of wild animals, bugs, etc. (All we can say is that it will be safer than traveling in a big city post-COVID-19)

Now, if you plan well and purchase the right gadgets, outdoor travel is not only the most satisfying thing you can do but right now could possibly be the best time to explore the wilderness all across the United States. With summer already here, whether you are in tropical Hawaii or freezing Alaska; there has not been a better mix of factors that should push you towards planning your next outdoor adventure, right now! You can’t be locked up in your homes for the whole summer doing nothing. We are not encouraging violation of rules, but those who have the ability to go on a hike or camping in places where social distancing is the last thing you need to worry about should definitely do so. This opportunity should not be missed for any reason.

The most important part of planning any outdoor adventure is the equipment you carry. Before you set out on your destination, you need to get your outdoor travel gear. Now, we advocate taking only the minimum that you need for travel and keep in mind to pack for any emergencies as the pandemic is likely to continue unabated throughout the summer.

Here are our top picks:

  1. Outdoor camping tent: No outdoor adventure can even begin without pitching your tent. If you are simply calling a one-day trip as an outdoor adventure then you are dead wrong. You need to make sure you have slept at least a day in your tent to call it an authentic outdoor adventure. For those that think tents are cumbersome, have not heard of ultralight camping tents. This is the new breed of tents that can be easily carried and set up anywhere. Weighing just over 3 lbs, this is a perfect tent for a group of friends or even a family. If your 10-year old child can carry your tent, then you have made the right choice! Pair this with a couple of sleeping bags and you are all set for a good sleep under the stars.
  2. Anti-viral protective suit: This is a post-COVID-19 special. Usually, it would not be so necessary, but having an anti-viral protective suit is the perfect option for outdoor travel this summer. The QIAN anti-viral suit is appropriate for the worst that nature can throw. Even though your outdoor travel plans are not going to be in packed surroundings, caution is always needed as the virus spread can happen unexpectedly. In outdoor travel situations, you can ditch annoying masks (that have to be changed all the time) and get a full-on, cool-looking protective gear. You will be protected from rain and viruses at the same time. It also saves the need to constantly change face masks and worry about collecting all the waste from disposable masks.

3. Artificial Respirator: The full-protection anti-viral suits are sure to provide the protection from viruses in the post-COVID-19 world. However, what happens when you accidentally get do sick on your outdoor trip? You need emergency medical equipment. With the threat of COVID-19 constantly looming over, n chances should be taken. An artificial respirator is going to be that device that will seriously mitigate the chances of any respiratory sickness, including COVID-19, becoming life-threatening. By calming down a person and neutralizing symptoms such as shortness of breath, these easy-to-use portable devices are worth a lot more than its price tag.

4. Handy first-aid medical bag: Not all threats to your life would be in the form of respiratory illness during your outdoor adventure. Yes, the threat is very real, but there are other things like cuts, scrapes, burns etc. that will be much more common. Having a handy first-aid emergency medical bag should be a critical part of your travel gear, no matter where you go. In this case, we are not talking about carrying bulky white medical boxes with a red cross, but a zipper bag that has the most essential supplies that you need. Ideally, the best is for everyone to carry their own medical kit during outdoor travel. That’s our honest recommendation.

5. 8 in 1 Survival compass: If you looked through all of our recommendations for travel gadgets, this is probably the coolest and most versatile gadget. Instead of carrying multiple tools that might get lost, the 8 in 1 survival compass will surely give you all that you need for that outdoor adventure in a neat package. This gadget combines a Mirror, Storage Container, 3X Magnifier, Ruler, Fire Starter with Striker, Whistle, and Thermometer. For some experienced travelers, this might be all they need to explore the thickest forests, hottest deserts, and highest mountains. But for most average Joes like us, the power of 8 gadgets in 1 should be enough with all of the above-mentioned products; in order to have a nice few days or weeks camping in the wilderness.

Outdoor travel is often sometimes overlooked in our generation that values convenience over everything else. However, the post-COVID-19 world has shown us how vulnerable our world is to a simple shock, but at the same time how resilient we are. With huge crowds becoming an anathema to society, and social-distancing the new norm, it is easy to see why outdoor travel may soon become something that’s far more common than today. After all, if the deadliest virus didn’t kill you, the outdoors surely won’t!

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