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Water Proof Emergency Survival Rescue Blanket

New Outdoor Water Proof Emergency Survival Rescue Blanket Foil Thermal Space First Aid Sliver Rescue Curtain Military Blanket Brand Name: FervorFOX

Aluminum Safety Whistle Lifesaving Emergency SOS


Portable Aluminum Safety Whistle Double Lifesaving Emergency SOS Outdoor Survival Whistle Tactical Emergent Survival Equipment

  • Brand Name: MUMIAN
  • Type: WHISTLES

Respirator artificial resuscitator medical emergency wake-up ball

Simple respirator artificial resuscitator medical emergency wake-up ball emergency airbag breathing balloon

SOS Signal Light Distress Survive Emergency Rescue x 2

2pcs SOS Signal Light Distress First Aid Portable for Survive Outdoor Sports Home Emergency Rescue LED Camping Lamp + batteries

First Aid Emergency Medical Bag (Outdoor)


Outdoor First Aid Emergency Medical Bag Medicine Drug Pill Box Home Car Survival Kit Emerge Case Small 600D Oxford Pouch

Type: First Aid Kits  

Emergency Parachute

How to Fall 35,000 Feet – And Survive. With ComfyPlane’s parachute you are not alone! You have a late night

N95 Respirator Masks 6 Layers Reusable 3M Compatible


As you know the situation in the United States is not allowing to ship anything, so we're sending it from Canada. The product that you will receive might not exactly be as this one but it is 3M approved and FDA approved (certificate attached). it is the same product except for the breathing valve, it is not included. At this moment we have it in white only

N95 Mouth Masks 6 Layers Respirator Mascaras Negras Para La Cara Reusable Face Mask Dust Mask Particulate FFP2 Valve.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Protection Mask

From 3M website: Prevention (CDC), and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or your local health authority should be followed in any health emergency and that this document is not a substitute for that guidance. Respirators vs. Masks What should health care and hospital infection control practitioners and occupational health and safety teams look for when selecting a respirator during public health emergencies? 1) Check to confirm that the product you are considering is certified as a respirator (such as an N95, FFP2, or KN95). Certified respirators contain filtration material capable of capturing particles including ones that are too small to see with your eyes. Certified particulate respirators can filter all types of particles, including bacteria and viruses. 2) Be sure to select a respirator that can seal against your face without any gaps. To provide respiratory protection, a respirator must fit snugly on the users face to ensure there are no gaps between the face and the respirator seal. Even very small gaps between the face and the edge of the respirator allow air, and particles, to go around the filter media. Surgical gauze masks or uncertified “dust” masks typically do not have adequate filtration material and may not be designed to form a seal against the face and therefore may not provide the expected protection to your lungs. Note that some uncertified masks look very similar to certified respirators. It is important to carefully read the information printed on packaging before your purchase a product. For more information, see 3M Technical Bulletin: What is an N95 Respirator?