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1 Universal Airplane Belt Extender FAA Approved

Do not trust flight attendants will provide you with seat belt extender! Save yourself the hassle and embarrassment. ComfyPlane Airplane Seat Belt Extender will lead to hassle and stress-free flying from here forward.ComfyPlane's airplane belt will fit most* of Airlines and comes with:
  • a carrying case for discretion and easy transportation
  • an owner's card to prove that it belongs to you
Our Airplane Extenders are FAA PMA tagged, meaning that they are made in accordance with all applicable FAA regulations.This extender is adjustable and can add between 7" and 24" of length to the existing seat belt. 

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Airplane Seat Stopper Prevent Recline

Knee Defender™ helps you stop reclining airplane seatbacks so your knees won't have to.Unique, patented Knee Defender™ is a truly practical travel accessory. And with its new design, this clever product looks cool, too.It helps you defend the space you need when confronted by a faceless, determined seat recliner who doesn't care how long your legs are or about anything else that might be "back there"

Anatex Traffic Jam Rollercoaster Group Play Multi Activity Learning Fun Table With Metal Legs

The excitement of city life is experienced on this table featuring everyday traffic congestion! Vehicles such as a passenger car, police car, fire engine, mail truck, bus and ambulance travel the roadways trying to get to their various destinations.In order to do so they must backtrack and change directions to avoid "oncoming traffic." The wires and beads with brightly painted traffic signals and stop signs add to the imaginative play.