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What is Refyn Search?

The tiger engine behind this website is called “Refyn“. REFYN is a New Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm that can search a site using only features. No keywords, no training, and no index are required! E.g. Query of “4×4” will fetch jeep and SUV even if “4×4” is not in DB at all. It will fetch all images with a certain shape, color, and so on without scanning pixels – Just by cognitively understanding that toilet paper has a shape of a cylinder.

In this search query, Refyn solves a query that cannot be found in the inventory by “breaking down cognitively” the meaning of the word and suggesting related product substitute:

The full search results can help shoppers to “refine” the results they want. In this example, Refyn ignored the typo and is showing the related products with the option to filter it by price, sale promotion and images/videos:


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